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Zodiac Crystals

Zodiac Crystals

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What's your sign? We have a crystal pack for that! Choose your zodiac sign. Each pack contains 2 crystals, the crystal that corresponds to each sign and a clear quartz. Clear Quartz is said to amplify the energy of other crystals. See the crystals for each zodiac sign below:

Aries - Hematite, regarded as grounding, protecting, and strengthening.

Taurus - Rose Quartz, regarded as calming, opens heart chakra, brings peace.

Gemini - Citrine, associated with positivity and optimism. Often used in manifesting financial abundance and opportunities. 

Cancer - Lepidolite, known as the peace stone, known to protect against negativity of the world.

Leo - Carnelian, known to restore vitality and motivation. Used to stimulate creativity, give courage, and trusting yourself.

Virgo - Jasper, known to give a sense of well-being, used to bring tranquility and wholeness and absorb negative energy.

Libra - Bloodstone, regarded as grounding and protective. Often used to relax, improve focus and strengthen decision making.

Scorpio - Ruby in Zoisite, known to have a very positive playful energy and can help soothe emotional pain. Also known to help one discover and develop mental talents.

Sagittarius - Sodalite, known to support communication, enhance intuition, encourage truth, and boost confidence.

Capricorn - Tiger Eye, known to have power to focus the mind, promote mental clarity and assist in dispelling fear and anxiety.

Aquarius - Amethyst, known as a natural tanquiliser, it's ability relieve stress, and soothe irritability. 

Pisces - Lapis, known to protect against negative energy, help with insomnia and vertigo, and protects your energy.


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